Hey there, I am Kevin D. Jones. I am not a politician. I am an educator, a businessman, a husband, and a father.

I care about the future of Fayette County. I need your help to change it.


I am asking you to hire me as your county commissioner. How? By using your voice to vote for me on November 6th. As your elected professional, I will work together with our other two commissioners to move this county forward, to make this county stronger.  We know that success only happens when we collaborate, when tasks are done with a cooperative attitude. I don’t believe that I have the only answers to our challenges, but I have a vision and a mission. I will use my talents for you.

My professional experience has given me talents that apply to all aspects of the county commissioners’ responsibilities. I have successfully worked for 3 out of the top 10 employers in Fayette County. Through these positions, I have gained expertise in human resources, adult training, social work, customer service, contract negotiation, collective bargaining, working with large, and often complicated budgets of millions of dollars. Most importantly, I am able to demonstrate strong team leadership and foster a positive working environment .

I am an educator at heart. I have worked to help families throughout Fayette County find educational opportunities for their children. I have mentored children and adults during difficult educational challenges and have found solutions to help them be successful. I have created new opportunities for educational partnerships between teachers and schools, helping individuals be successful in ways they didn't realize they could be. I bring this experience and passion to Fayette County and will use it to grow our workforce and help keep them here.


I will work tirelessly as your full-time Commissioner to remind ourselves and our children why it is wonderful to live here and to raise families here.

- Kevin D. Jones | For Commissioner


I will engage all the influential voices in our community to grow businesses - both existing and new - throughout the county. I will promote a favorable, professional, and transparent business climate in all of our communities. I will provide strong leadership and fair support at the highest level of our county while working to truly understand the individual needs and challenges that are unique to each community.  It will be these efforts that improve the local economy and overall quality of life for our workforce.

I will work tirelessly as a full-time professional to remind ourselves and our children why it is wonderful to live here, and raise families here.

I want to live in a county where all views are not only welcome but respected. Transparency and accountability in county business matters.  Honesty and integrity in politics matters. You don't need a specific party affiliation to get it. Instead, you need a proven professional who not only listens to you during the campaign trail, but remains accountable and available to you during the term of office. I am that professional.

Together we are stronger, Together we move forward






Build a team of local experts for each and every county board. Appoint both experts in their field and hardworking County residents with a desire to actively participate in their respective board meetings. Create knowledgeable team members who will report back to the elected officials. Maintain transparency and accountability toward team members. Treat them as professionals and as equals.


County government is a business. Examine the data of our county's agencies, promote our successes and negotiate changes that generate further progress. Modernize our processes to do more for each dollar spent.  Attract new partners in business with existing resources and organizations like Fay-Penn, demonstrate the successes of our County Technical Institutions and school districts while pushing them to add programs that meet the needs of our workforce development. Work with each of our Redevelopment Authorities to get more properties back on the tax roles. 


Utilize our existing County services to meet the needs of all of the families throughout the County, and remember that investment in intervention pays dividends in having successful sustaining citizens. Collaborate with local municipal governments to meet their needs and alleviate their challenges. Raise our voice to Harrisburg so that we will continue to be a growing presence in the State.



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— Kevin D. Jones

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